Pay Weekly Store

Payweeklystore are an industry leader in the field of online rent-to-buy.

In 2012 we built a fully custom content management system designed to function as a full eCommerce website on the front-end, with a highly intricate and sophisticated payment gateway on the back-end built specifically to their specialist requirements.

To this day we continue to maintain and manage their website, as well as providing improvements, usability updates and upgrades to the website infrastructure. We recently overhauled the entire front-end of the website to a mobile responsive version, to fall in line with current web standards and Google's mobile ranking update.
Brandsumo have literally from the ground up built us a ecommerce platform that can not only deal with sales in a effcient well thought out way, but can also handle our finance options we offer to our customers.

Every aspect of the website does exactly what we need it to do. On top of the great look and feel of the website they have built us and the second to none functionality allowing us to do exactly what we need on a daily basis with ease - the customer focus is 100%.

Whatever we have needed to be customised, edited, or re-built, brandsumo have done for us no questions asked. The prices are great and these guys are well worth the money - the work ethic these guys have is exactly what you need when running a business and exactly what we look for when hiring professionals to do a job.

Fantastic work!
Pay Weekly Store

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