360 degree 4K onboard F1 video for the Oculus Rift

Edit: Unfortunately we have had to remove the video content at Mercedes request. It's a great shame you are now unable to follow the guide to run this on your Oculus Rift but we still highly recommend you visit the original video as it gives a great insight into what its like onboard a Formula one car: http://www.mercedesamgf1.com/en/car/f1-w05-360-video/

Thank you to the Mercedes AMG F1 team for recording the first (I think) 360 degree F1 video, hopefully more Formula One teams will follow suit soon!

Here is the video which I came across http://www.mercedesamgf1.com/en/car/f1-w05-360-video/ As soon as I saw the flash version I just had to work out a way to try it with our oculus rift. The 2014 F1 World Drivers champions and Constructors' championship winners offer a wonderful insight into what it is like to drive in an F1 car going at full speed around Silverstone race circuit. After a few minutes messing around I managed to get the settings just right.


Ok so to get the 360 video working on your Oculus Rift, first make sure you have VR Player and VLC installed.


Now the most important part to get this working are the settings which you use in VR Player, below are the settings which I recommend.

- Open VR Player
- Media > Format > Set to Mono
- Media > Projection > Set to Sphere
- Media > Effects > Set to None
- Device > Layout > Set to Side by Side
- Device > Distortion > Set to Barrel
- Device > Tracker > Set to Oculus Rift
- Finally, click File > Open File > with VLC... and then navigate to the location where you downloaded the video too.

Now all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride!

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